jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Window shopping & moving

You are window shopping some day (or everyday), you move slightly... and/or dance in front of the mannequins... and suddenly they do the same movements like you!

This is now possible in Tokyo, thanks to clothing store
United Arrows

They are called MarionetteBots (half mannequin, half robot) and mimic the movements of anyone who is passing by. MarionetteBots are created by the agency
TBWA Hakuhodo (very creative website, recommended!) and use Kinect technology.

First goal, get people's attention - done!

But, will they enter the stores /and purchase items or just have fun in front of the window displays? Hopefully we can get soon an evaluation from United Arrows :)

adweek.com, fayerwayer.com
Image:  adweek.com

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